When looking to hire a roofer, it is something you should not take lightly. With thousands of options within your region, and every other roofer guaranteeing you the best offer, you must be cautious. There are companies who have gained people’s trust, while others are just looking to make a buck and a half.Not only is it an expensive job, so too, your roof is one of the most important things to your home. Your roof protects your home, possessions, and above all – your family. Picking the right roofer is extremely important.Here are things to take note of when looking for a roofer: Reputation –Make sure to search their name on different review sites to see what people have written up about them. Try and find a family, friend, neighbour, colleague who has maybe used them and ask them about their experience using that roofing company. Consider what roofing materials they have, and what kind of warranty they promise. Make sure they are reachable through phone and email, and get back to you within 1-2 business days. Lastly, ask them if you can speak to some of their past clients to learn more about how they operate.Staff – Make sure all staff have the proper training and certifications required to be a roofer. As well, make sure the company does not hire subcontractors. This is a serious red flag! Subcontractors are hired for one job at a time, whereas you want a company that has a set of staff full time who are constantly working, learning, and being trained with the latest roofing trends.Estimates – Any legitimate roofing company will give an estimate and point by point contract for all material work that should be finished. What exactly needs to be done, cost of materials, and labour should all be written out very clearly and explained to you.Liability Insurance –Before hiring any roofing company, you must make sure they have liability insurance to secure your property and their laborers in case anything goes wrong. Inquire as to whether they can give evidence of risk protection before consenting to work with them.Continuous Maintenance and Emergency Service – You want to make sure the roofer you are hiring will fix any issues with your rooftop that have happened because of mistakes they have made. As well, look for roofers that provide services outside of their usual business hours. This way you know they will come fix something anytime when it is an emergency.

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