Evolution Roofing Inc. has been servicing the people of Halton Hills, ON for over 18 years. After serving the people of Canada, and dealing with almost every kind of weather condition, we have learned how to manage and fix almost every job.

We have gained the trust of thousands of people through our professional and honest administration. Our goal is to make you feel like everything is being taken care of, all while charging you the right prices for the right jobs.

Before we begin with any job on your roof, we send someone to examine your roof, to then write a full report on the issues, what needs to get done, and how much it will cost you. We go over this report until you feel comfortable for us to begin the job. As well, we do not pressure you to use us after the estimate has been given. We strongly encourage you to look elsewhere and get a few quotes from different roofing companies.

Whether you are looking to repair your roof, flat roof, eavestrough, or get a new roof all together, we got your back. Evolution Roofing Inc., provides the people of Halton Hills, ON: full roof replacement, roof tune-ups, roof repairs, eavestrough repairs, shingle repairs and replacement, flat roof replacement, flat roof repairs, roof inspections, and so on.

If you want experience, and a trusted group of workers, we are your people. Evolution Roofing Inc. has and continues to service the people of Halton Hills, ON with all their roofing needs. Call us today to learn more about our free estimates!

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